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    Josh Verne

    Josh Verne is an experienced business owner, investor, giver, and business leader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been in business for nearly 30 years and has worked in many fields, from distributing goods to processing funds. Verne started being an entrepreneur when he was only 14 years old. Since then, he has started, grown, and led several successful multi-channel businesses.


    Verne is a Partner and Chief Commercial Officer, a New York City-based fintech company. The company's goal is to help businesses stay competitive by improving the experiences of both customers and employees. Since early 2022, Verne has been the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). He has been working directly with underserved groups, an area of business and charity he cares about.


    Verne has a successful business job but is also very interested in several charitable projects. He helps many important groups, including Jewish causes, animal rights and care, sick children, etc.


    Verne was born and raised in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He went to Huntingdon Valley's Lower Moreland High School. Montgomery County is known for its beautiful parks and rivers. It also has a lot of cultural institutions, like the Old York Road Symphony. Verne lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he helps young businesses and spends his free time with his two teenage girls, Alexa and Brooke.


    Verne has worked in many fields, including distribution and production, e-commerce and financial commerce, user-generated content licensing, D2C virtual rent-to-own, and card issuing and payments. His many years of experience in these fields have helped him become an expert in multiple business channels and a great business owner.


    In conclusion, Josh Verne has had a long and successful career as an entrepreneur, businessman, and charity that spans nearly 30 years. He still makes important contributions to the business world and is involved in many nonprofit causes. This makes him an example for many people who want to start businesses or give money to good causes.